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Icarus II ... the beginnings


                                        CURRENT EASYRISER INFO

Some people have inquired about buying Easy Riser plans.  Plans for the Easy Riser are actually assembly instructions for the pre-fabricated parts and there are no detail drawing from which the parts can be made.  In addition, some of the parts would be very difficult to make from scratch because complex tooling is required to make the parts.  Bottom line, a person cannot build the Easy Riser from scratch using the plans provided in the kit..

Larry is only marketing an improved performance, foot-launched, Easy Riser kit as a glider.  He had started developing a powered version but ultimately decided to terminate the project.  

Currently, we don't know anyone offering power packages or landing gear for the Easy Riser so anyone wishing to add power to the Easy Riser will need to design their own unit or copy a previous design.  We would go so far as to suggest that a power unit mounting on the Easy should not weigh more than 35-40 pounds and have no more than 15-20 horsepower.

We have found that the Hirth F-36 engine (a Solo 210 engine marketed by Hirth, about 15 hp) is an engine currently in production that, along with the 2.5:1 reduction unit and F-4 propeller has made a good power unit for the Easy.  This package is used a lot by foot-launched powered parachutes.  I use it on my Easy.  You can watch me fly it by clicking on "air show video" (above left) then clicking on the Sussex air show movie.  I also installed a compression release valve that I bought at a local chain saw store and that made starting the engine a lot easier.  The Hirth F-36 engine can be purchased from POWER EQUIPMENT, 419-585-7002 and ask that the engine be equipped with a Tillotson HR carburetor.

My 1979 Power Package plans ($30) and/or my 1979 Crosswind landing gear plans ($30) are available for purchase.  The plans include detail part drawings and dimensions plus some pictures.  They provide a good idea of where we beefed up the Easy Riser's structure, one way to mount whatever engine you decide to use, approximately where I put the thrust line, and one way to mount a landing gear.  (Hint: the engine was rotated 2.5 degrees to compensate for the Mac 101's torque.) Plans are supplied on computer CD so add $10 if you want a printed copy of the plan set in addition to the CD.  To order plans, send an email to me including your shipping address and I will have PayPal email an invoice to you which you can pay using a credit card (You do not need a PayPal account,).  Of course, cash or check mailed to me will work too.

A harness is not supplied with the kit but Larry is planning to sell a swing seat type harness as an accessory. The final design and price has not yet been determined.  There is a hammock type seat available that works well on the Easy Riser.  It was designed by Jack McCornack years ago and can now be obtained (while they last) from Dave Froble, 724-529-0450.  The cost is around $60.

Click on the items on the right side of this page to review kit features, to read some interesting information, to get instructions on how to order, and to print out an order form.  These items are .pdf format files so you will need Adobe Reader or a similar program to open, read, and print the files.  Use your browser's "back" button to return to this page after viewing a file.  You can get a free download of the Adobe Reader by clicking on button below:

Kit Features:
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